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The Native Education College provides holistic education where students receive opportunities and guidance for the physical, mental, emotional, and cultural aspects of their learning. NEC works with First Nations, Métis, and Indigenous community agencies to deliver accredited post-secondary and adult upgrading programs in locations throughout British Columbia. 

NEC is an Indigenous educational institute where learners continue their studies in a cultural safe environment. Our programs and services utilize traditional practices and wrap-around services.

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Supporting Indigenous Education

Help us meet our $100,000 fundraising goal, which will directly support our student food program, workshops, and resources while encouraging and supporting Indigenous peoples in British Columbia to find a path to a meaningful career based on Indigenous teachings & values.


Ensures an Indigenous student obtains free lunch for one month during the study time


Ensures culturally relevant student support, such as Elder teachings, Counsellors, and a Wellness Coordinator for overall well-being.


Gives an Indigenous student access to books and school supplies.


Ensures a scholarship to help our Indigenous learners reach their educational goals

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By donating to NEC, you are helping Indigenous learners fulfill their educational goals while honouring their heritage and preserving culture for future generations. NEC has resources for students such as the Knowledge Center, Library, Counselling, Elders’ teachings, and the Wellness Coordinator. These support the transition of our indigenous students to student life.

Today, we are collaborating with all Indigenous Nations in British Columbia to assist communities in reducing inequality and widening access to opportunity.

In PayPal, you can find a monthly subscription to donate the amount you wish, whether it is large or small, each amount helps more Indigenous people have the opportunity to study in a safe and cultural environment. 

If you are a corporate giving, let’s talk about how to build mutually beneficial partnership to assist Indigenous students 

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Vancouver Warriors Campaign

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NEC is committed to the success of indigenous peoples' holistic education. We want to help all nations thrive in terms of culture and knowledge.

Indigenous Land Stewardship

Outreach Communities

Build relationships with all Nations to bring knowledge and strong communities

Knowledge and Culture

Support cultural activities for students to participate in with a sense of belonging, connection to traditions, and reconnection with their roots.
Wellness Warriors

Wellness Warriors

Donate money to recreational activities and sports leagues for Indigenous young people to keep a balance in their student life.

Counselling Service

Connect students with professionals and elders to provide counselling that can help indigenous people deal with anxiety, despair, or grief.


Provide a supportive and safe space, where students build their skills, develop their gifts, and gain experience in the classroom, industry and community needed for success now and in the future.

Student Resources

Contribute to the free services and resources NEC can give to students so they can achieve their educational goals in a supportive and flexible setting.

We are so grateful to you for your recent contribution —Thanks!

NEC is grateful for the generosity of our many allies, funders and community partners. Thank you on behalf of the entire NEC community to all of the individuals, companies, groups, government agencies, corporations, and other community organisations who provide assistance.

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