Native Education

Outreach programming

The Native Education College works with First Nations, Métis, and Indigenous community agencies to deliver accredited post-secondary and adult upgrading programs in locations throughout British Columbia. NEC programs are developed with Indigenous content and teaching methods for Indigenous learners on our campus in east Vancouver. Our Adult Upgrading courses are recognized at all public colleges and universities in BC. Our post-secondary certificate and diploma programs provide credit to degree programs at BC universities and institutes.


Our outreach opportunities allow learners to remain in their own communities rather than relocating to Vancouver to  obtain training . We also work with employment training agencies and education departments to provide innovative solutions and good value in education. Partnerships can include the in-kind contribution of facilities, Elders or qualified staff who can take part in training delivery. Whenever possible we hire qualified local instructors and link with local community resources such as counselling for student support.

Our Program Features

The Native Education College programs develop practical hands-on real-life job skills. Our post-secondary certificate and diploma programs require a practicum placement to experience success. The Indigenous curriculum supports an understanding of the reality of colonization and the current renewal of strong Indigenous cultures and communities through decolonization. Our student policies support each learner promoting respect, understanding, gratitude, accountability and honouring diversity.   

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Since 1979, the Native Education College has been operated by a nonprofit society under the leadership of an all Indigenous board of directors. Post-secondary programs are designated through the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education and students are eligible for StudentAidBC. The NEC is a member of the Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association of BC.