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“I am from the Squamish Nation, and my two children encourage me to return to school so that I can be an inspiration for them. Before NEC, I felt like I didn’t qualify for some jobs since I didn’t receive the proper education. At NEC I found resources that helped me, and counselling was a significant support for me. I feel grateful to have completed my Certificate and am looking forward to obtain my Diploma in Indigenous Childhood Education this year”

anastasia nahanee

Former Students

“After finishing the Adult Basic Education program at NEC successfully, where I experienced support and where the sense of culture is incorporated into college life. I’m grateful to be enrolled in the Office Administration & Employment Training program right now, which will help me become ready for a future in a work place “

Nula Cascarejo

“I chose NEC because it has a solid cultural basis and it was an excellent environment for me to start; I didn’t feel welcome in society, and I wanted to feel safe and connected. I studied for the Indigenous Justice Certificate because I wanted to empower my community and help them re-connect. NEC has given me all the knowledge & resources I needed to work in the justice field. I’m currently working for Native Court Workers & Counselling Association of BC”

Kristian Bryant

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