Native Education

Information Technology Support Technician Certificate

Here at NEC (Native Education College), our (ITST) Information Technology Support Technician program, a 24-week journey designed to propel your career in technology or provide a steppingstone for specialized studies. We pride ourselves on being a values-driven institution, where indigenous principles are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum and teaching, enriching your learning experience. By the end of this program, you will not only be exceptionally prepared real world experience, but also emerge as a leader in your career journey. Topics covered on this journey, include but are not limited to: 

  • Hardware  
  • Operating Systems 
  • Software Troubleshooting  
  • Networking
  • Security  
  • Virtualization  
  • Cloud Computing 

Immerse yourself in our entirely online program, offering flexibility for your learning environment. Engage in five-hour sessions, five days a week, covering all the essentials required for a career in tech —from the comfort of your chosen space.

Connect, Collaborate, Succeed: Although the teaching is online, the sense of community at NEC remains unparalleled. Join a dynamic community of learners, share experiences, and collaborate with peers and instructors. Our commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative environment is unwavering.

Enroll Now for a Future of Virtual Success! Don’t miss this chance to join the online revolution in technology education. Fill out an application online or contact us today to embark on a virtual learning journey that opens doors to a world of possibilities! 

This certificate is offered online

Admission Requirements

  • Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.
  • Minimum “C+” grade in English 12 or testing an equivalent level.
  • Minimum “C+” grade in Math 11 or testing at an equivalent level
  • Letter of Intent


  • 18 years old or older
  • Completed written assessment with a “C+” grade or higher
  • Math 11 with a minimum ‘C+’ grade
  • Letter of Intent

Program Tuition: $5,350.00
Registration: $75.00
Graduation: $30.00
Student Association: $30.00
Student Record and Student Card Fee: $15.00
*Online Learning platform (w/tax)$559.98
*Laptop (w/tax) $1,365.00
COMPTIA Exams$187.00
TOTAL:(with laptop)$7,611.98
TOTAL:(without laptop)$6,246.98

Career Path

Embark on a culturally enriched tech career journey with NEC, where the threads of indigenous teachings are seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of your professional growth.

Some of the jobs that are available to you through this qualification are: 

  • Help Desk Technician 
  • IT Specialist 
  • Hardware Technician 
  • Technical and Customer Support Specialist  
  • Field service technician 

You can anticipate a highly interactive learning experience 

Embark on a journey with us – your gateway to a rewarding profession in information technology. Our program is designed to make you job-ready in less than 6 months, equipping you with in-demand skills. Join our welcoming community where curiosity thrives, questions are embraced, and every step forward is celebrated. Your path to success starts here, and we can't wait to see where it takes you! .

Get tuition-free

Indigenous people, Canadian citizens and permanent resident can apply to scholarships available 


This certificate is now offered virtually, where you’ll  gain hands on experience in tech.

Gain skills and Certifications

Graduates of this program leave with skills that lead to better job opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of ITST program, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to: 


Identify, use, and connect hardware components and devices. Acquire broad knowledge about different devices essential for supporting the remote workforce.

Operating Systems

Install and support Windows OS, including command line and client support. Execute system configuration imaging and troubleshoot for Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, and Linux OS.

Software Troubleshooting

Address PC and mobile device issues, covering common OS, malware, and security issues.


Explain types of networks and connections, including TCP/IP, WIFI, and SOHO.


Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections.


We create leaders from learners. Join us to discover the joy of curiosity, the power of questions, and the valuable lessons in every mistake. You'll gain more than just knowledge – you'll become part of a welcoming community that encourages your exploration and growth.

Course Descriptions

Name of Course/Subject Hours

TECH 100 Workplace Communication 98 hours

TECH 105 Online Presence and Collaboration Tools 98 hours

TECH 106 Network and Server Administration 98 hours

TECH 110 Client Computer Configuration 100 hours

TECH 115 Technology Workplace Professionalism 100 hours