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Being a student also means working on your well-being and modifying parts of your life that will help you become more focused on your goals and lead to healthier physical, emotional and spiritual outcomes. Developing and practicing these changes looks and feels different to everyone. Finding wellness is about figuring out what’s best for you.

warrior wellness

We invite you to be part of the NEC community and self-care practices to support your well-being. NEC is recognized as a strong community that has welcomed all Nations for over 55 years. Community care gives us opportunities to create connections and we can learn from each other.


At NEC our Wellness Warriors program is focused in creating and maintaining an inclusive and healthy environment that encourages you to be physically active, make positive life choices, and develop your leadership skills. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or new to physical activity, we invite you to come out and take part in our free, accessible activities.

A coach will help you by making recommendations and referring you to additional resources and programs. The coach instructs classes, provides fitness and nutrition advice, leads workshops, and activities.


Our spiritual space will encourage and assist you in finding solutions to problems before they become crises; Mediation allows you to meet face to face in a safe and neutral setting. The spiritual room at NEC was created for meditation, connection, smudging, drumming, and counselling apprentices.


NEC provides a variety of workshops and spiritual activities developed by counsellors and Elders for all students to feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually supportive.
Our safe and supportive space ensures that you are non-judgmental in coming together and exploring your identities and what that means to you.

Wellness Warrior

Teamwork, competitiveness, and support are what our players can expect when joining the Wellness Warriors – NEC’s sports programs and activities. 

The Wellness Warriors Nighthawks community athletics program was started in early 2012 by a group of committed volunteer Native Education College staff and students who saw a great demand for more opportunities for both structured and informal sport, physical activity and wellness programming Indigenous People. 

Nighthawks Athletics

Teamwork, competitiveness, and support are what our players can expect when joining the Wellness Warriors – NEC’s sports programs and activities. Our students participate in a number of events throughout the year.

Indigenous Culture

At NEC, our strength is having a welcoming environment where our students feel comfortable and can connect or reconnect with their roots, culture, and traditions. We have a number of cultural activities for students to participate in throughout the year.

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