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NEC Diplomas

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Congratulations! For getting interested in looking for options for upgrading your education, this is how it starts. Check out our admissions requirements and the following intakes. This department will help you during your application process and connect you with financial support if needed.

Financial aid

We recognize the hard work and commitment that our students continue to achieve as they pursue their educational goals. We invite you to review the financial aid page and the NEC Bursary Award application. Deadline Feb.18th

Why Choose NEC?


All NEC graduates are prepared to find professions related to their field of study and build network connections

NEC Campus

Students Resources

During your studies, NEC offers various resources and workshops which will benefit your learning process.

Learner-focused education

NEC provides a culturally appropriate and supportive learning environment for Indigenous learners. Average class size of 15 students.

Our Impact

We work to build the Nations of Tomorrow. For over 55 years, NEC has provided quality education and a safe place for Indigenous learners.

We work with Indigenous Nations and communities across B.C., by providing culturally appropriate programming that supports individuals in their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being while attending school.

Indigenous learners realize their potential with our Certificate and Diploma programs which lead toward high-demand careers. Students achieve success through learning practical skills with a hands-on approach

What we do

NEC provides a transformative experience for Indigenous People, offering programs that prepares and transitions Indigenous learners into highly skilled professionals. NEC educates, connects and invests in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people so they can achieve their highest potential.

Indigenous learners are our top priority. We seek resources and opportunities for scholarships and bursaries to finance the learning journey for students in need.

Indigenous Peoples need a supportive and safe place. NEC offers food, wellness and counseling programs, in addition to all student resources.

We run a private Indigenous school based on holistic education with an indigenous perspective. Our small groups are designed for students to explore their potential.

NEC provides around 100 jobs per year, many of our staff are alumni, but we also welcome multicultural knowledge to work for the same mission