Native Education

This is a place of respect and unity for all Nations

The Longhouse Philosophy

The philosophy of Native Education College Society is founded on the principles upheld by the Elders of our respective nations. The values of our people are contained in the teachings of our Elders – to protect our spirituality, our culture and our land. We will uphold these ideals and live them to the best of our abilities.

Longhouse Protocol

The protocol of the Longhouse is clear: be respectful of all, be willing to work out differences in a good way, behave in a way that promotes a safe and nurturing space that supports learning and growth for everyone.

NEC policies promote the respectful and fair treatment of staff, students and guests and the values of honesty, integrity, understanding, compassion, and kindness.


Longhouse values


We recognize that as Aboriginals, we are many people. We celebrate the diversity of our ways as a source of strength within our nations. Thus in diversity we find unity.


From our unity arises our responsibility to our present generation and generations yet unborn and our gratitude to the generations that have come before us


We will rely on example and persuasion rather than authority and force when change is considered. We are determined to explore the limits of our understanding.


We recognize that nothing is barred from consideration as long as it does not intrude into the lives of others. From our unity arises our respect for Mother Earth, upon which we all depend, our respect for the ways and opinion of others, even if we do not share those ways or opinions. In respecting others, we respect ourselves; our capacity to appreciate each other as we are, and our resolve not to see our ways compromised.


We all have a role to perform that is an extension of a grand design. As adults, we share freedom of choice and freedom of action, and thus, we also have the responsibility to accept the results of our choices and actions.

NEC Student Policy.