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Financial Aid

To empower our students in achieving their educational aspirations, our dedicated Financial Aid Advisor diligently assists you in finding and securing essential financial resources.


Financial Aid Advisor (604) 873-3761 Ext. 313 Weekdays - 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Find the right support

NEC Entrance Scholarships

Students interested in NEC can apply for scholarships & bursaries through Financial Aid. These are designed to help Indigenous students overcome financial barriers to post-secondary education.   Awards do not have to be paid back and are relatively easy to apply to.  All have different eligibility requirements and awards are determined by meeting the criteria specific to each award. These bursaries are dependent on the program, the time of year, and your eligibility. 

NEC Bursaries & awards

We recognize the hard work and commitment that our students continue to achieve as they pursue their educational goals. Every year, we give over $5,000 in bursaries at the annual Student Awards Ceremony held in July. NEC is grateful for our community partners, donors, and sponsors who continue to support our the goals of our students

Deadline Feb. 18 2024

Adult Upgrading Grant

This government-funded grant provides non-repayable financial support to adults participating in basic education and skills upgrading courses.

What’s covered?

Tuition and other costs, including college initiative fees and student fees.
There may also be funding for textbooks and supplies.
Transportation costs and unsubsidized childcare.

About Band funding

To answer your question about funding, your first step is to contact your Nation’s post-secondary funding representative to make your funding inquiry. A google search may help if you do not already have contact information.

Most Nations fund only post-secondary certificates, diplomas, and degree programs, and have application deadlines throughout the school year, so if you miss one, you might apply before the next deadline.



When you contact your Nation, you might expect that:

1. Funds are available and an application will be emailed to you.

2. Your Nation’s cut off date for funding has passed, but there may be a waiting list that you could still apply to or apply again before the next cut off date.

3. Your Nation’s cut off date has passed and the next opportunity to apply won’t be till the fall

4. Check with your Nation if they provide living loans

additional Information

The websites listed below have the purpose to help students look into other funding options for their education

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Student Aid & Advisor

Mandeep Kaur

  1. Adult Basic Education
  2. Office Administration and Employment Training 
  3. Health Care Assistant Program

Student Aid & Advisor

Michelle Lee Whitney

  1. Indigenous Justice Studies 
  2. Indigenous Land Stewardship 
  3. Information Technology Support Technician 
  4. Family and Community Counselling
  5. Indigenous Early Childhood Education