Native Education

What we do

We support Indigenous Learners to reach their full potential!

At NEC, we have numerous activities for students to get involved in. Whether it's cultural activities, basketball clinics, or volunteering, our Student Services are happy to help. The Native Education College provides a culturally appropriate and supportive learning environment for Indigenous Learners.  Non-Indigenous learners are also welcome. Come join us! 

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre provides academic support to help NEC students build their confidence by developing their study habits and preparing for a career.

Counselling Services

Our licensed counsellors provide a safe and confidential environment to help our Indigenous learners transition into student life. Whether it’s working through anxiety, depression, or grief, our counsellors can help.


The Grace Mirehouse Memorial Library hosts a wealth of print and electronic materials, with a heavy focus on Indigenous content. These resources offer NEC students an abundance of publications, from Poetry to Graphic Novels, Children’s Books to Feature Films, Social Justice to Psychology. 

To help our Indigenous learners reach their educational goals, our Financial Aid Advisor helps with finding financial resources.

At NEC, our strength is having a welcoming environment where our students feel comfortable and can connect or reconnect with their roots, culture, and traditions. We have a number of cultural activities for students to participate in throughout the year.

Student Council

The Student Council represents all students attending the College with a mandate to help promote the well-being and to address any issues or concerns brought forward by its membership. 

Meet our team

Students can come in or book an appointment to secure a space with our student resource team



Family Violence Resources Counsellor
George Durocher

George Durocher

Darren Alfred

Darren Alfred

Wellness Warriors Coordinator
Brenda Prince

Brenda Prince

Literacy Coordinator
Jeffrey Dan

Jeffrey Dan

Cultural Coordinator
Boyd Reynolds

Boyd Reynolds

Librarian/Bookstore Coordinator
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