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We enjoy welcoming new students and fostering a sense of community in our gorgeous longhouse.

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NEC is the place for you if you’re seeking for an inspiring educational environment where you’ll be encouraged and given the tools you need to have a positive effect on your life and the community.

A friendly and welcoming environment awaits you when you join the NEC community. The faculty and staff are passionate about seeing you succeed.

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Speak with NEC alumni and hear about their chosen career

Choosing to upgrade your career is a life-changing decision, however choosing an educational program can be overwhelming. 

If you want to choose a career path, start by investigating your interests and speaking with experts in the field.

Vernon Black, a former Indigenous Justice Studies student who is now with UBC Indigenous Law Clinic
Andrew Brown a former Indigenous Land Stewarship
Marty Turner, from Family & Community Counselling

Talking to people who work in different professions and talking to a student advisor to see the career path of each program is a good tip for exploring your career. This will make it easier to open your mind and imagine yourself in the future as in what you would like to study.

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Why choose Native Education College?

Learn from Experts

All instructors working at NEC are highly-trained.


All NEC graduates are prepared to find professions related to what you study.

Supportive learning environment

Our student centre is a supportive and safe space for First Nations, Inuit and Métis learners.

Students Resources

During your studies, we offer different resources and workshops that will help in your learning process.

why choose NEC

What They Say

Ha’miyaa! When I first moving to Vancouver in 1007 I hard about NEC, what attracted me to the college is the Indigenous perspective to learning, and what I like most like is the sense of community, its a such beautiful place to learn and reconnect. Nec is important to me because creates leaders that embody our intergenerational strength that has been passed down from our ancestors.
Kristian Bryanton
IJS - Student
I used to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba; I'm from Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation. I was looking for schools to attend in Vancouver, and what attracted me to NEC were the courses that allowed me to further my education. I felt more encouraged to study here since I discovered that it would be an Indigenous environment. What I like about NEC is the spirit room; you can smudge, calm and ground yourself if you may having a rough day. I also like that all staff and students are very nice and welcoming. I've learned about my culture and many other cultures based in BC. NEC has helped to open up my mind to keep learning every day.
Shayanne Bohpa
Indigenous Land Stewardship
Office Administration student
Native Education College is a safe place for me to return to school. I am grateful for Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-waututh and NEC for creating a safer space for Indigenous Diaspora like myself. As an Intergenerational residential school survivor I feel relieved to be able to build a better life for myself and everyone I connect with, supported by the inclusive Indigenous space provided by NEC.
Rosie Johnnie
OAET - Student 2022 -2023