Native Education

Indigenous Early Childhood Education Dual Diploma

Program Description

 This is an 8-month diploma program specialising in Infant, Toddler, and/or Special Needs. It supports and promotes Indigenous Peoples’ worldview about their children and increases knowledge in child development related to infant and toddlers, and special needs.  The program is rooted in the Indigenous perspectives and wisdom of child rearing and traditional ways of contributing to and relying on the community. 

Students will acquire the necessary skills and competencies for successful and multidirectional career paths in ECE. Course content includes Indigenous approaches to childrearing; learning how to put the BC Early Learning Framework (ELF) and the Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework (IELCC) into practice; and how to support and promote Indigenous children’s identity development and connections with their Nation’s cultural practices and traditions.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of Indigenous Early Childhood Educator Certificate, the learner will be able to

1. Connect Indigenous infants/toddlers and children with diverse needs to cultural practices, traditions, and knowledges related to their Nations and Peoples.

2. Think critically about the ongoing history of colonialism and the Euro-Centric practices pervasive in caring for and working with infants, toddlers, and children with diverse needs.

3. Engage in curriculum making with Indigenous Perspective and knowledge.

4. Respond to, develop, and interpretate children’s interests into curriculum inquiry aligned with the BC Early Learning Framework and the Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework (IELLC).

5. Collect strategies for supporting Children, families, and community.

6. Create inclusive and responsive learning environments for children from diverse culture, history, background and practices.

Get the hands-on training in a path to a high-level meaningful career that improves Indigenous Children's lives

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Occupation upon Completion

Students who complete the Diploma in Early Childhood Education are eligible for two additional licenses from the registry: the Early Childhood Special Needs license and the Infant and Toddler Care license.

Graduates can work independently or as the lead educator in licensed early childhood education centres with children between the ages birth to five years.

Course Descriptions

 ECE 282 Advanced Child Growth and Development 3 credits 

ECE 225 Field Observation I 3 credits 

ECE 226 Field Observation II 3 credits 

ECE 227 Working with Families 3 credits 

ECE 269 Supervision and Management in Aboriginal Infant and Toddler Programs in Supported Childcare 3 credits 

ECE 280 Aboriginal Health Care and Safety in Infant and Toddler Programs and in Supported Childcare 3 credits 

ECE 289 Responsive & Inclusive Environments 3 credits 

ECED Infancy Specialization 

ECE 284 Aboriginal Practices with Infant and Toddlers 3 credits 

ECE 295 Aboriginal Early Childhood Education for Infants and Toddlers (Infant/Toddler Practicum) 5 credits 

 ECED Special Needs Specialization 

ECE 287 Practices in Supported Childcare 3 credits 

ECE 288 Augmentative Communication 3 credits 

ECE 281 Aboriginal Early Childhood Education for Supported Childcare (Inclusive Practicum) 5 credits 


Admission Requirements, Fees & Tuition

Tuition & Fees
  • Graduated from NEC’s IECE Certificate Program a minimum of “C” grade average (GPA 2.0)
  • Two Reference Letters
  • Ability to pass CRC
  • TB test Negative
  • Doctor’s note of good health and mental and physical  fitness to work with young children











Total Cost:$9,571.00



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Anastasia Nahanee

“I am from the Squamish Nation, and my two children encourage me to return to school so that I can be an inspiration for them. Before NEC, I felt like I didn’t qualify for some jobs since I didn’t receive the proper education. At NEC I found resources that helped me, and counselling was a significant support for me. I feel grateful to have completed my Certificate and am looking forward to obtain my Diploma in Indigenous Childhood Education this year

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