Native Education

NEC is transforming!

Changing our name is part of this work and you are invited!

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A new name for NEC

Names tell us who we are. They tell us who we belong to.

NEC and local host nations stand together for our first discussion on choosing our new name.


We want to hear from you!

With input from our Elders, community, alumni, students and staff, we uphold cultural authenticity in every step in this transformation.

Online naming conversation

This Facebook group was created specifically to ask for input regarding our name change discussion.
We appreciate your respectful participation and willingness to share some of your experiences, thoughts, or reflections on what NEC has meant to you.

Storytelling Open House:

Join us on January 24th to hear stories of the NEC and to share your own. Together, we’ll set the table for this engagement moment and cultural work. 

   January 24th, Fireside Lounge, NEC 

   Drop in between 2-7pm. 

   Cultural work at 4pm. 

 For our friends unable to attend in person, we’ll be sharing a way to participate online next week. Stay tuned! 

Why does the NEC have to change its name?

Our transition to a public post-secondary institute requires us to remove “College” from our name. This is a requirement set by the provincial government in order to carry out our transition from a local college into an institute with provincial reach. 


You may feel uncomfortable about this change and understandably so. Names tell us who we are. They tell us who we belong to. We want to reassure you that our naming process will be carried out in a culturally authentic way, following Longhouse protocols. 

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