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Welcome to the Grace Mirehouse Memorial Library

The Grace Mirehouse Memorial Library hosts a wealth of print and electronic materials, with a heavy focus on Indigenous content. These resources offer NEC students an abundance of publications, from Poetry to Graphic Novels, Children’s Books to Feature Films, Social Justice to Psychology. The Library is located at the top right of the central stairs in Room L201.
Library - Introduction
How to Search NEC Library Materials:
How to Reserve NEC Library Material:
How to Search for Free Indigenous Online Resources & Academic Journals:

Free Online Digital Books:

Note: When you go to the website, you will need to sign up in order to borrow a digital book (you only need your email address to register). You can borrow up to 10 books at a time for a total of 14 days. Here is a list of a few of the Indigenous authors available: Thomas King, Eden Robinson, Richard Wagamese, & Rupert Ross.

Free Indigenous Resources & Academic Journals:

Vancouver Community College Library – Accessing Online Resources

All NEC students are eligible to access VCC’s online academic resources and journals. To do this, NEC students need to go to VCC and head to the Registrar’s Office, where a VCC ID number and card will be issued. NEC students will need to bring their NEC student ID card to obtain the VCC ID card – which will allow NEC students to borrow all VCC Library materials. 

To access VCC’s online academic resources and journals, students need to go to the VCC Library website VCC’s online resources are restricted to VCC students and staff only. When accessing the online resources, NEC students will be asked to provide their VCC ID number and their password to read the articles or journals. A student’s ID number and password will be their date of birth: MMDDYY (example: January 18, 1975. Your password is 011875). 

University of British Columbia

UBC offers a free library card for any Aboriginal person living in Canada (First Nations, Metis, or Inuit). To receive a UBC library card, students can go to the circulation desks of Walter C. Koerner Library at UBC and present one piece of government-issued ID (eg. BC driver’s licence, provincial ID, or passport) and proof of permanent residence in Canada (eg. bank statement, utility bill, or automobile registration). The maximum number of items on loan at a time per student is 50. 

For more information, visit the UBC library website site and click on Aboriginal Community.

Emily Carr University Library

The Emily Carr University offers free community borrower Library cards to Indigenous community members. To acquire a free community borrower Library card, visit The Emily Carr University at 520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, and head to the Library services desk on the 2nd level. You will need to bring a piece of ID and provide your email address, phone number, and current address to set up an account. For more information on the collection, please visit 

National Film Board – Free Access for Students at NEC

All NEC students have on-campus access to watch all films from the National Film Board. To do this, students can go onto any NEC computer designated for student use, click on the following link:, and begin watching. 

Newspaper Online Access

If you are looking for past newspaper articles from such publications as The Globe and MailThe New York Times, Vancouver Sun, or The Province, you can access these online through the Vancouver Public Library. All you need is a VPL Library card number, which is free. Once you have obtained your number, go to the VPL main webpage and click on “Digital Library” (at the top of the page). From there, click on “Digital Newspapers”, find the newspaper you desire, and click “access”.

For more information, please contact:

Boyd Reynolds, MA
Librarian / Bookstore Coordinator
Student Services
(604) 873-3772 Ext. 310