Native Education


Partners and Collaborators

The involvement of our valued partners and collaborators, without whom their expertise would not be possible, makes the work of NEC &  Outreach possible. Are you interested in talking with us about potential partnerships? Are you interested in encouraging your organization to support and contribute to Indigenous education?

You & Us

Working Together for The Same Cause

NEC is focused on building resources and programs to provide a holistic education. We are encouraged by the upward trend in donations and increased awareness of the challenges faced by First Nations, Inuit and Métis students in seeking their educational dreams. NEC is proud to create partnerships with organizations who share the same mission.

Current Partners & collaborators

Your contributions can help in these areas:

  • Scholarships and bursaries which recognize academic achievement 

  • Assist students in overcoming financial hardship while pursuing higher education.

  • Advancement of our technological resources and making our facilities more sustainable, which creates an inspiring learning environment.

  • Nighthawks Athletics Program provides travel support for students wanting to participate in competitions 

  • Help NEC expand its curriculum by offering associate degree programs

Thank you to all of our partners and collaborators who share NEC's mission.

Have fun with whatever collaboration you choose, no matter how big or small! Each action is reflected in the education of Indigenous Learners. Passion, positive energy, and people who want to make a difference are the three components to successful collaborations. Join us!