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Congratulations on making the decision to upgrading your education, here are 3 key steps to choose the best option that fits your goals

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Choose a program that will provide you with the training, education and credentials you need to reach your career goals. 

You can find out more about your study options by talking with the coordinating program, asking questions, or talking to an educational advisor. We will happy to support you; it’s advised  start planning your studies a few months in advance because registration procedure has deadlines, admission requirements, and financing are contingent upon availability.

Programs offered in Fall 2023

Adult Upgrading

Adult Basic Education

The BC Adult Graduation Diploma (also known as the Adult Dogwood), program gives students high school completion and prepares them for careers and post-secondary education.

Family & Community Counselling Diploma

The Family and Community Counselling Diploma Program offers specialized training for delivering personal counselling and social services within the cultural values and beliefs of Indigenous community. Students are encouraged to understand their history, and to integrate traditional knowledge and skills into their practice.
social sciences

Family & Community Counselling Certificate

The FCC program offers specialized training for delivering social services in Indigenous communities in a kind and gentle way. Special areas of interest include child welfare, recovery from substance use, and intervening in traumatic situations that affect Indigenous families.

Indigenous Early Childhood Education Certificate

Learners will be prepared for a rewarding career in working with children. NEC is dedicated to weaving Indigenous Knowledge and worldview into the Early Childhood theories and practice while getting geared for the critical role in providing care and education for the children.

Indigenous Early Childhood Education Diploma

This is an 8-month diploma program specialising in Infant, Toddler, and/or Special Needs. It supports and promotes Indigenous Peoples’ worldview about their children and increases knowledge in child development related to infant and toddlers, and special needs.

Office Administration & Employment Training

Learners will be prepared for an exciting career in office administration. Areas of focus will be skill development in computer applications, administrative procedures, business communication, and information management.

Indigenous Land Stewardship

The ILS certificate offers students career preparation in land protection & resource management. Graduates will engage in key issues relevant to Indigenous Peoples' homelands based on traditional principles of environmental and social justice

Health Care Assistant

Learners will be prepared for an exciting career as a Health Care Assistant, through a combination of theory, lab, and practicum. Learners gain the skills and knowledge required to provide the highest standard of personal care that promotes the physical, social, and emotional well-being for clients.
IT entry level

Information Technology Support Technician

The program provides students with a pathway to employment as a workplace technology support specialist.
NEC advisor

Indigenous Justice Studies

IJS is a criminology certificate program where students learn about the law, focusing on cultural values and teachings. Learners will examine the over-representation and the challenges Indigenous Peoples face in the criminal justice system and how cultural approaches will address the long-term impacts of colonization.

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Adult Upgrading

If you are an adult learner and haven't completed high school or need to upgrade to meet post-secondary requirements, the Indigenous Adult Basic Education (IABE) program is where your educational path starts. Improve basic English, math, and computer skills for personal benefit or to prepare for a job.


If you're going to change the world or even your community, you need the skills to navigate our rapidly changing society. So, we'll start you on the path to making a positive impact in the community and world or the industry or sector you are passionate about.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences is a wide-ranging field which uses knowledge from many disciplines to understand and improve all aspects of human health.

Humanities & Social Sciences

The measure of a community is in the combined spiritual, mental, and physical health of its members. There are countless ways to be a positive force in the lives of those around you. Whatever your goal is to work in social justice, with children, family or community counselling or land stewardship, there is an NEC program ideally suited for your purposes.

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What They Say

Ha’miyaa! When I first moving to Vancouver in 1007 I hard about NEC, what attracted me to the college is the Indigenous perspective to learning, and what I like most like is the sense of community, its a such beautiful place to learn and reconnect. Nec is important to me because creates leaders that embody our intergenerational strength that has been passed down from our ancestors.
Kristian Bryanton
IJS - Student
I used to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba; I'm from Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation. I was looking for schools to attend in Vancouver, and what attracted me to NEC were the courses that allowed me to further my education. I felt more encouraged to study here since I discovered that it would be an Indigenous environment. What I like about NEC is the spirit room; you can smudge, calm and ground yourself if you may having a rough day. I also like that all staff and students are very nice and welcoming. I've learned about my culture and many other cultures based in BC. NEC has helped to open up my mind to keep learning every day.
Shayanne Bohpa
Indigenous Land Stewardship
Native Education College is a safe place for me to return to school. I am grateful for Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-waututh and NEC for creating a safer space for Indigenous Diaspora like myself. As an Intergenerational residential school survivor I feel relieved to be able to build a better life for myself and everyone I connect with, supported by the inclusive Indigenous space provided by NEC.
Rosie Johnnie
OAET - Student 2022 -2023
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